Better Diet: Is a Low Carb Diet Right For You?

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In this episode we discuss low carb diets. A simple Google search or jaunt through social media will show you that low carb diets are getting a lot of attention, both as an effective approach to weight loss and a means to maintain good overall health. But what does a low carb diet actually mean? What can you eat and what should you avoid? Are there risks involved? Who should avoid these diets? And are low carb diets sustainable for the long haul? To answer these questions, we turned to an expert on low carb diets.

This Episode's Guest:
Bret Scher, MD

Dr Bret Scher is a board certified and licensed cardiologist. He completed his undergraduate studies at Stanford University and earned his medical degree from Ohio State University. He subsequently completed his residency training in internal medicine at Mercy Hospital in San Diego and a fellowship in cardiology at the Scripps Clinic. Aside from his busy private cardiology practice, Dr Scher is also the medical director of and hosts the Diet Doctor Podcast.