Welcome to Better Man Clinics.  Men often delay seeking help for their issues. They often see a doctor or other professional when their problems are far advanced and much more difficult to overcome.  Many times, a spouse, partner or friend literally drags them into the office to get help. So why do men delay seeking help for their medical, mental health and lifestyle concerns?  It often comes down to 2 reasons.  First, men often don’t feel comfortable talking about their problems, particularly sensitive ones.  Embarrassed to talk about personal issues, many men often put off addressing their issues.  Second, when facing a problem, men don’t have a credible place to turn to better understand their problem.  When confronted with a health issue, many men first turn to “Dr Google.”  The problem with this approach is that many of these men fall victim to the false information that is rampant throughout the internet and social media.  Listening to the countless “experts” spreading unsupported claims and the fraudsters trying to sell the next miracle cure can quickly make your head spin. At best, this can lead to wasted money and a lot of confusion and disappointment.  At worst, following this path can and HAS led many men to misdiagnose themselves, delay needed medical care, try inappropriate and often outright dangerous “treatments”, and cause themselves serious harm.

We created Better Man Clinics to help men address the common problems they face every day.  Through videos and interviews, we will cover the issues with which so many men struggle but are afraid to discuss.  The point of the Clinics is right there in the name – to help men become their best selves.  Of course, getting “better” means different things to different men.  For some, it may mean looking and feeling better.  For others, it may mean getting a better night’s sleep.  For still others, it might mean enjoying a better sex life.  Regardless, Better Man Clinics will empower men to understand their problems and provide them with some approaches to solving them. Our discussions will feature actual experts on each topic we cover. To get the answers you need, we will speak to the board certified professionals who have dedicated their careers to specific issues – doctors, nutritionists, dentists, therapists, psychologists – not social media influencers, internet celebrities, and conmen.  

Does that mean that Better Man Clinics can replace your doctor or therapist?  Of course, not.  The platform is not a healthcare practice and does not provide medical advice to individuals.  Rather, Better Man Clinics is intended to serve as a trustworthy source of truth and knowledge for men seeking to achieve a better version of themselves. The information presented through our platform is intended to help men better understand the problems they face – what are the potential causes, how are these issues evaluated and diagnosed, and what are the possible treatments and solutions.  Empowered with this knowledge, men can then understand their options as well as where and how to seek the appropriate consultation and treatment.  By understanding their problems more clearly, they will see a clearer path to getting better. We hope that you find Better Man Clinics helpful in your journey to becoming your best version of yourself. 

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

Walt Disney