Better Hair

How to prevent hair loss and replace hair that has already been lost

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Better Sex

Need we say more?

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Better Stream

The bathroom is not a great place to spend your day.

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Better Digestion

Eating a great meal does not need to cause pain or discomfort.

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Better Diet

Your diet can impact your health, mood, and well being.

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Better Pain Free

Get control over your pain and get back control of your life.

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Better Skin

Your diet can impact your health, mood, and well being.

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Better Fertility

Improve your chances of conceiving and learn what to do if you can’t.

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Better Cancer Free
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Better Cancer Free
Better Health
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Better Health
Better State Of Mind
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Better state of mind
Latest Ways To Get Better
Better Stream: Aquablation for the Treatment of BPH

In this episode, we discuss Aquablation, a new treatment for the urinary symptoms experienced by men due to an enlarged or obstructing prostate(BPH). In previous episodes, we have covered a variety of other BPH treatments ranging from the historical gold standard (TURP) to minimally invasive surgical therapies (MIST) such as Rezum, Urolift, and iTind to…

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Ask the Expert: Can some medications cause erectile dysfunction?

We asked Urologist Nannan Thirumavalavan, MD this question from a viewer.

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