Better Stream: The Rezum Procedure for the Treatment of BPH

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In this episode we discuss the Rezum procedure for the treatment of the urinary symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate (BPH). Rezum is considered one of the so called MIST procedures -minimally invasive surgical therapies for BPH. Other such procedures include UroLift and Itind. So how does Rezum compare to these other procedures as well as to more traditional surgical therapies such as TURP or laser procedures? What are the risks and benefits? How durable is the procedure? And, probably most importantly, what kind of outcome or improvement can someone expect from the procedure? In order to answer these questions, we turned to an expert in the Rezum procedure, Dr. Kevin McVary.

This Episode's Guest:
Kevin McVary, MD

Dr. McVary is Professor of Urology and Director of the Center for Male Health at the Stitch School of Medicine at Loyola University Medical Center. Dr McVary is the Chairman of the AUA BPH Clinical Guidelines Committee, the Co-Chair of the International Consultation on Male LUTS and is the Associate Editor of the Journal of Urology. He has also completed a 4 year stint on the American Board of Urology Exam Committee. An experienced investigator in prostatic disorders and erectile dysfunction (ED), Dr. McVary is currently and has recently been principal investigator for more than 75 clinical trials. Dr. McVary’s research has generated more than 400 publications including journal articles, books, book chapters, and abstracts.