Better Stream: Robotic Simple Prostatectomy for the Treatment of BPH

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In this episode we discuss robotic simple prostatectomy for men with urinary symptoms due to an enlarged prostate (BPH). In prior episodes, we have discussed several treatment options for BPH including medications and a variety of procedures. But what if the medications don’t work and the prostate is just too big to qualify for minimally invasive surgical procedures? Fortunately, robotic simple prostatectomy has emerged as a potential option for men in this situation. But, how does this procedure work? What are the risks? How long is the recovery? And how successful is it in relieving urinary symptoms of BPH for the long haul. To help us answer these questions, we are fortunate to be joined by Dr. Daniel Eun.

This Episode's Guest:
Daniel Eun, MD

Dr. Eun is a professor of urology and director of the Robotic Urologic Surgery Clinical Fellowship Program at the Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University. He is also the chief of robotic surgery and the director of minimally invasive robotic urologic oncology and reconstructive surgery at Temple University Hospital. Aside from performing over 1000 robotic surgical procedures, Dr Eun has also extensively published peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters, and video teaching guides and travels nationally and internationally as an invited lecturer to present research and to train robotic surgeons.