Better Pain Free: Overcoming Back Pain

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In this episode we discuss back pain. Did you know that back pain affects 80% of Americans at some point in their lives and that 30% of all Americans will experience back pain in the next 3 months. For some men, back pain can be truly debilitating and prevents them from enjoying their favorite activities, going to work or even getting out of bed. So what causes back pain? Can you prevent it? What home remedies are worth trying and when is it really time to see a doctor? And, when you do see a doctor, what should you expect from the evaluation and what are the possible treatment options? To help us answer these questions we turned to a true expert.

This Episode's Guest:
Oren Gottfried, MD

Dr. Oren Gottfried is a professor and clinical vice chair of neurosurgery at Duke University specializing in spine surgery. Dr Gottfried earned his medical degree from the University of Arizona and then completed his residency training in neurosurgery at the University of Utah. He then went on to complete fellowships in spinal deformities at the University of Utah and spinal oncology at Johns Hopkins University. Aside from his clinical responsibilities at Duke University, Dr Gottfried also performs research focusing on the prevention of spinal deformity, infections, complications, and recurrent spinal disease by identifying and limiting patient and surgical risks.