Better State of Mind: Managing Anxiety

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In this episode we discuss anxiety. Over the past few years, we have all experienced our share of anxiety. Stress can be a natural part of our lives as a response to events that occur in relation to our jobs, our families or our health. But what happens when stress transforms from a nuisance to a debilitating condition that impacts all aspects of our lives? How do we even know if we have a problem with anxiety? Are there ways to restructure our lives and lifestyles to better handle stress? When should we seek professional help and what does that help entail? And what is the right balance between success and the stress that comes with it? To answer these questions and many more we are fortunate to be joined by Dr. Dimitrios Tsatiris.

This Episode's Guest:
Dimitrios Tsatiris, MD

Dr. Tsatris is a practicing board-certified psychiatrist specializing in the field of anxiety management. He is a Clinical Assistant Professor of psychiatry at Northeast Ohio Medical University. He studies and writes about the interface of anxiety and achievement. His popular Psychology Today blog “Anxiety in High-Achievers” is viewed by more than 20,000 readers per month. He has given a TEDx talk on the subject titled “Why Success Won’t Make You Happy.” His writings have appeared in Psychology Today, PsychCentral, NAMI, ThriveGlobal, KevinMD and the White Coat Investor, among other publications